Meet Brianna Thomas

Brianna Thomas, the owner of Bold Lamb Photography, is a passionate freelance photographer based in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Her vision to capture precious moments, tell unforgettable stories and create lasting memories drives Bold Lamb Photography.


Bri is also an educator, corporate trainer, former division 1 basketball player, musician, and pastor. Though Bri engages in many things, she is often found learning to cook new cuisines, exploring a concert, hosting a meal for the community, learning a new language or traveling around the world. ​


Bri believes in a simple concept: love. That love is meant to be shared, expressed and captured. Whether you find yourself embarking on a new journey, celebrating life's precious moments or finding a way to make a dream or vision possible, Bri is here to collaborate with you. 


Her work consists of a wide variety of subject matter. Through photography she learns about the lives of many, and creates meaningful connections with fascinating and inspiring people. 

We want your photo to tell a story. We want to work with you to tell this story and create something beautiful. Your story matters to us!